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Great Planes 2035 ElectriFly C-35 Mini Brushed ESC w-BEC

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This is GPMM2035 the LiPo C-35 Mini High Frequency Electronic Speed Control w/BEC.
Great Planes 2035 ElectriFly C-35 Mini Brushed ESC w-BEC
Product ID GPMM2035
Manufacturer Great Planes
ISBN 0735557420352
Great Planes 2035 ElectriFly C-35 Mini Brushed ESC w-BEC
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  • AMA LiPo Safety Alert
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This is GPMM2035 the LiPo C-35 Mini High Frequency Electronic Speed Control w/BEC. For medium sized performance aircraft with 400, 500 or 600-size Brushed Motors requiring 35A or less.
  • Compact size to minimize weight and simplify installation
  • Programmable battery types
  • Automatic temperature protection reduces max throttle to 70% when max temperature is reached
  • Safe-Start system prevents accidental motor starts by disabling the motor circuitry until the throttle stick is moved to full throttle, then to the OFF position
  • Factory installed radio, motor and battery connectors
  • Fully proportional forward with brake
  • Battery Eliminator Circuitry provides sufficient power for the receiver and three standard servos.
  • The motor battery powers the receiver and servos.
  • When voltage is reduced to the appropriate voltage, the Low Voltage cut-off circuitry stops the motor while continuing to supply power to the receiver and servos.
  • Solid-state current overload limiter
  • Built-in thermal protection drops throttle to 70% if transistors overheat
  • Reverse-polarity protection
  • High Frequency to optimize battery run-time and cool operation.
  • ON/OFF radio switch and set-up LED light
  • 180 day limited warranty
  • One C-35 Mini Electronic Speed Control with Universal receiver plug installed, installed motor wires with 3.5mm gold plated Female
  • Bullet Connectors, Deans Ultra Male Battery Connectors, and an ON/OFF switch
  • Three ceramic capacitors to reduce motor noise
  • One Schottky SR506 diode for added efficiency. (Silver stripe indicates Positive unless using with gearbox)
  • One 2.75 piece of shrink tubing
  • One instruction sheet
  1. Attaching to motor and setting up speed control
  2. Battery pack
  3. Plug Universal plug into the throttle channel on the receiver
Length: 1.30 (33mm)
Width: .71 (18mm)
Height: .43 (11mm)
Weight: 1.08 ounce (30.5g) with wires
Input: 6-12 NiCd/NiMH cells; 2-4 LiPo cells
Max Rated Current: 35A continuous
BEC Voltage: 5V/1.5A
Low Voltage Cutoff: 0.80V per cell for NiCd/NiMH 2.75V per cell for LiPo
Connectors: Universal radio connector, Deans Ultra Male battery connector, 3.5mm gold plated Female Bullet Connectors
Switching Frequency: 1.3kHz
Motor Size: Speed 400, 500 and 600-Brushed only

Motor wires are White (Positive) and Blue (Ground)
Do not use with Brushless motors.

Lithium Battery Fires
Lithium batteries are becoming very popular for powering the control and power systems in our models. This is true because of their very high energy density (amp-hrs/wt. ratio) compared to NiCd’s or other batteries. With high energy comes increased risk in their use. The principal risk is FIRE which can result from improper charging, crash damage, or shorting the batteries. All vendors of these batteries warn their customers of this danger and recommend extreme caution in their use. In spite of this, many fires have occurred as a result of the use of Lithium Polymer batteries resulting in loss of models, automobiles, and other property. Homes and garages and workshops have also burned. A lithium battery fire is very hot (several thousand degrees) and is an excellent initiator for ancillary (resulting) fires. Fire occurs due to contact between Lithium and oxygen in the air. It does not need any other source of ignition, or fuel to start, and burns almost explosively. These batteries must be used in a manner that precludes ancillary fire. The following is recommended:
  1. Store, and charge, in a fireproof container; never in your model.
  2. Charge in a protected area devoid of combustibles. Always stand watch over the charging process. Never leave the charging process unattended.
  3. In the event of damage from crashes, etc, carefully remove to a safe place for at least a half hour to observe. Physically damaged cells could erupt into flame and after sufficient time to ensure safety, should be discarded in accordance with the instructions which came with the batteries. Never attempt to charge a cell with physical damage, regardless of how slight.
  4. Always use chargers designed for the specific purpose, preferably having a fixed setting for your particular pack. Many fires occur in using selectable/adjustable chargers improperly set. Never attempt to charge Lithium cells with a charger which is not specifically designed for charging Lithium cells. Never use chargers designed for Nickel Cadmium batteries.
  5. Use charging systems that monitor and control the charge state of each cell in the pack. Unbalanced cells can lead to disaster if it permits overcharge of a single cell in the pack. If the batteries show any sign of swelling, discontinue charging and remove them to a safe place outside as they could erupt into flames.
  6. Most important: NEVER PLUG IN A BATTERY AND LEAVE IT TO CHARGE UNATTENDED OVERNIGHT. Serious fires have resulted from this practice.
  7. Do not attempt to make your own battery packs from individual cells.
These batteries CANNOT be handled and charged casually such as has been the practice for years with other types of batteries. The consequence of this practice can be very serious resulting in major property damage and/or personal harm.

Safety Committee
Academy of Model Aeronautics
5161 E Memorial Drive
Muncie, IN 47302

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