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Kato 356010 Corrugated Business Car NP

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Kato 356008 Corrugated Business Car NP
This is the Northern Pacific Yellowstone corrugated business car from Kato.
Kato 356010 Corrugated Business Car NP
Product ID K356010
Manufacturer Kato
ISBN 4949727508382
Kato 356010 Corrugated Business Car NP
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Kato 356008 Corrugated Business Car NP

The predecessor to today's corporate jet, Business Cars have existed since the early days of railroading. Any railroad with any stature or merit, real or perceived, owned and operated a Business Car. Also known as "Private Cars," Business Cars were used by railway executives, their invited guests and family, and special dignitaries. These cars were also frequently assigned to key railroad personnel for the purpose of inspecting track and other facilities, often proving invaluable to reach areas not easily accessible by automobile. Some political candidates have also used these cars while "whistle stop" campaigning for elected office over the years. Used in these ways, Business Cars were often handled on the rear of a conveniently scheduled passenger or freight train.
These cars were generally self-contained with office, meeting room, entertainment, dining and sleeping facilities on board. Many were built to a standard floor plan, although it was not uncommon for customized features to be built into them. Business Cars were built by several companies such as Budd and American Car & Foundry, as well as by individual railroads in their own shops. It was not unusual for executives of competing railroads to try to outdo one another with the furnishings of their private car.
Models feature finely scaled body corrugations and window gaskets, body interior, knuckle couplers and lighted tail lights/marker lights.

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