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Marklin 81352 Freight Train for Coal Transport


Marklin 81352 Freight Train for Coal Transport
Prototype: Class 80 steam tank locomotive so called Bulli Little Bull, road number 80 032 and 5 type O 10 O 11 gondolas. Of them 4 type O 11 cars, of them 1 car with a brakeman's cab and 3 cars without a brakeman's cab, and 1 type O 10 Association Design gondola without a brakeman's cab. DB locomotive and cars from Era III, used to transport coal.

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Product ID 81352
Manufacturer Marklin
ISBN 4001883813523

Marklin 81352 Freight Train for Coal Transport

Year Model : 2016
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Marklin 81352 Freight Train for Coal Transport
Model: The model of the class 80 steam locomotive is completely new tooling, extremely finely detailed and manufactured of metal. The locomotive has a built-in, powerful motor and LED headlights that change over with the direction of travel. It also has finely modelled, complete, working valve gear. The locomotive also models imitations of the brakes, rail clearance devices, and larger buffer plates. The cars have removable load inserts with real coal. The locomotive and cars have correct, finely executed paint schemes. The wheels are black nickel-plated. The models are not available separately. Length over the buffers approximately 245 mm / 9-5/8".
This item is being produced as a one-time series

  • Locomotive as completely new tooling.
  • Frame and body constructed of metal.
  • LED headlights.
  • Finely detailed, working valve gear.
  • Brake shoes are modelled.
  • Newest generation of a powerful motor.

81352 – Class 80 Steam Locomotive and 5 Gondolas The class 80 tank locomotives were among the first DRG standardized designs and were intended for switching work in large passenger stations. The idea behind their design was to save as much as possible in weight in favor of an efficient boiler. The driving wheels on this locomotive were reduced to a diameter of 1,100 mm / 43-5/16" instead of the originally planned 1,250 mm / 49-1/4". Since only 45 km/h / 28 mph was required as a maximum speed, the driving wheel diameter selected seemed large enough. Additional savings in weight could be realized in the cylinders, the wheels, and the running gear. One big problem was the springing for the low frame, but in the end the support springs could be arranged below the wheel mounts and thereby still maintain clearance with worn down wheel treads. The standardized type program made it possible for four different firms (Hohenzollern, Union, Hagans/Wolf, and Jung) to deliver 39 units (80 001-039) between 1927 and 1929. These locomotives immediately took up their duties at many stations all over Germany. All of the locomotives survived World War II: 22 came to the DR/GDR and 17 remained with the DB. The "Bullis" / "Little Bulls" on the DR roster became superfluous starting in 1962/63 with the delivery of the new class V 75 diesel switch engines. At least 20 of these units with their three coupled driving axles found new work and industrial locomotives at different railroad maintenance facilities. The last one to survive in this kind of work, road number 80 019, was not stored until November of 1984 at Engelsdorf. It was then scrapped in May of 1987. Road numbers 80 009 (privately owned in Berlin) and 023 (SEM in Chemnitz) are two DR locomotives that have been preserved and can be admired into the future. From 1946 on all 17 locomotives later on the DB (80 005, 013-016, 028-039) were based in Nurnberg. At the end of their career, the class 80 locomotives were still based only in Schweinfurt. The last unit, road number 80 031, was taken out of service on April 15, 1964. Ten units were given a new chance as industrial locomotives at mining operations in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. Former road number 80 039 was still under steam until August of 1977 at Ruhr Coal, Inc. Five of these coal mine "little bulls" were preserved in the form of road numbers 80 013 (DDM), 014 (SEM Heilbronn), 030 (DGEG), 036 (VSM Netherlands), and 039 (Hammer EF).

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