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AMT Models

AMT Models shows a large selection of plastic model kits of cars and trucks, many muscle cars and special models from times past.

Artesania Latina

The model ship kits made by Artesania Latina are produced in Barcelona, Spain, and are respected by hobbyists worldwide as among the most detailed and historically accurate ship kits. Artesania Latina ships are created from the exact plans of the real historical ships, and employ wood from real wood planks. The result is a collection of the ultimate wooden ship kits for the amateur modeler. Modelers used to building miniature planes and cars from plastic materials will be impressed by the high-quality materials used for Artesania Latina ships. Ship parts are created from such substantive and beautiful woods as walnut, beech, mahogany, and others. Laser-cut ornamentation, fittings, and ship lines add to the realistic feel of the completed ships. Artesania Latina ships cover nearly every historical time period and type of ship. You can find accurate Viking ships, English whaling boats, Mississippi steam ships, American colonial ships, and much more. In addition, you can recreate famous historical ships, such as the H. M. S. Endeavour, the H. M. S. Bounty, the U. S. Constellation, and more. Anyone interested in history, engineering, or seamanship will enjoy these historically accurate Artesania Latina ships. All you need to produce your own scale-model historical ship is an Artesania Latina ship kit and a few accessories, such as basic modeling tools, glue, and paint. Artesania Latina ships are recommended for ages 10 years and older, as they require a significant attention to detail to construct. For those new to model-building, Artesania Latina offers a small line of easy ship kits. These exclusive models are the best of their kind and might take up to 400 hours to finish them as they are made from exact plans and replicas of the real ships, using wood that is cut from wood planks and molded to perfection. Models available for all types of modelers, recommended starting at 10 years old and up. Artesania Latina model ship kits are known world wide to produce high quality historic scale model ship kits. Their kits contain everything you need to build the kit except tools, glue and paint. High quality woods such as Walnut, Beech, Mahogany, Tanganyka, and more are used . All the ornamentation, fittings, and rigging line are standard items in every kit. Many parts are laser cut to save you time and effort. A full set of plans and instructions are included in every kit, in addition many kits include a color pictorial to assist in assembly. Artesania Latina, the first of the European manufacturers to produce easy-to-build, generously-sized models, can be credited for popularizing ship model building world-wide. Artesania Latina kits contain large, easy-to-follow plans and simplified pictorial instructions that illustrate every phase of construction.
Artesania Latina kits represent a good value, and assure an impressive display model almost anyone can complete...


Bachmann Trains is now known for its extensive and award-winning line of model railroading products, but the company started in 1833 as a producer of handcrafted ivory accessories, beginning a 175-year commitment to quality that continues to this day.


Bandai Co., Ltd. is the third-largest toy manufacturer in the world. The company is best known for products derived from popular television and comic book characters such as Power Rangers, Gundam, and Ultraman. These range from action figures and their accessories to video game software, clothing, and candy. The firm has also had success with faddish toys like the "digital pets" Tamagotchi and Digimon and other ventures that include selling toys in vending machines and providing digital content online and through cellphones. Other Bandai units make animated television programs and movies, design and manufacture amusement machines and amusement centers, make stationery, and sell, lease, and manage real estate properties. Based in Japan, where it is the number one toymaker, Bandai distributes its products worldwide.

Brawa, finest German Manufacturer of Model Trains in DC or AC versions, digital with or without sounds, from classic models up to including the newest railcars seen all over Europe, mostly in Germany and Austria plus HO, N and Z scale metal street lights, telephone booths, funiculars, cable cars, ski chair lifts, accessories for layouts and dioramas and much much more...
The specialist for high-quality vehicle miniatures
BREKINA aimed at hobbyists with an interest in vehicle miniatures at the highest level collectors. The program includes a wide selection of models, along the lines of classics and veterans - complemented by publications on individual model and collection issues. We make car history to life. Walk through the following pages and enjoy the fun and joy of BREKINA hobby.
Founded In 1955 in Germany About Busch has been in the toy industry since 1955. We produce model cars in scale 1:87 (HO) and 1:160 for model collectors and diorama builders. Company Overview Busch has been in the toy industry for more than 50 years since 1955. We are manufacturer of scale model items and also distributor of various toys under the brand [Busch]. To cope with the growing business in Asia Pacific region, we appointed Redshift International Company as our distributor in Asia. Mission Main focus on highest accuracy and reproduction of smallest details. Products We produce model cars in scale 1:87 (HO) and 1:160 for model collectors and diorama builders. Main focus on highest accuracy and reproduction of smallest details. Currently available around 500 exquisite miniatures.
Carrera has stood for ‚Motorsports at home‘ since 1963, thrilling generations of motor racing enthusiasts all over the world. Supreme quality, innovative technologies and a breathtaking racing atmosphere attract fans of all ages to Carrera circuits and promise an unbeatable level of racing fun in homes everywhere. In 2014 the Carrera product portfolio offers plenty of brand new sets and cars for dedicated slotcar freaks, hobby racers and beginners alike. Exclusive worldwide reproduction license agreements with Ferrari and Red Bull in the slotcar segment guarantee authentic Formula 1 racing excitement at home.
Classic Metal Works
Founded in 1942, Constructo wooden model ships was a pioneer in its field. Laser-cut technology has since been incorporated to make kit building an easy and enjoyable hobby. The romance of the sea is at your fingertips with every Constructo kit. *All kits from Constructo are complete with quality hardware and fittings (brass, cast iron, ceramic, copper) needed for completion.. *All models from Constructo are faithful historical reproductions. *Detailed building instructions (with up to 200 color photos) are included with every Constructo kit.
*Only top-quality woods are used in Constructo kits.
*Beginner kits have pre-constructed hulls for easy assembly..........

Look to Diecast Masters for top-quality “Real Replicas” in 1:50, 1:87, 1:125 and other scales.

Our High Line Series features scale models of the newest Cat® machines, packaged in full-color metal boxes. Our Core Classics Series models reflect the scope of machines working every day at construction sites, mines and quarries, agricultural and industrial sites. Our Commemorative Series models demonstrate unique takes on very special collectables. And our Elite Series models bring the largest Cat® machines down to a size you can hold in the palm of your hand – in exquisite 1:125 scale.

The Evolution Series brings together old and new Cat® machine models. And our Transport Series includes on-highway trucks and trailers from several major brands.

Blade helps pilots achieve success and graduate to new levels of heli fun. Level 1 starts newcomers out with ultra-micro and micro coaxial helis, like the mCX, mCX2, CX2 or CX3. The dual, counter-rotating blades found on coaxials provide great stability for beginners. Level 2 features self-stabilizing single-rotor helis, like the mSR. These helis still offer positive stability, yet feature increased agility and speed through their unique rotor head design. Finally, heli enthusiasts can tackle advanced heli maneuvers with the CCPM machines of Level 3. These helis range from tuned-down single rotors for first-time CCPM pilots (like the SR) to all-out 3D machines like the CP Pro 2 and Blade 400. Visit to check out everything you need to progress through the different levels of heli excitement, including accessories.
Estes Rockets
You have just entered the ESTES FLIGHT ZONE, the exciting universe of Estes model rockets! You will find many rockets that will give you hours of flying fun! Choose from a huge variety of Estes rockets for first-time modelers to expert rocketeers. Estes is the leading manufacturer of model rocketry products on Earth. Estes products have launched excitement and ignited imaginations for over half a century.

Faller is one of the two largest German Manufacturer of buildings and structures for your layout or diorama. (The other is VOLLMER)

Faller (Gebr. FALLER) is a German toy company founded in Stuttgart in 1946 by brothers Edwin and Hermann Faller. The company later relocated to the brothers' home town of Gütenbach in the Black Forest.

Faller now specializes in making scenery, plastic model kits and other accessories for model railroads but has manufactured a range of toys during its history, such as model aeroplane kits, the AMS slot car racing sets and die-cast model cars.
Their modern product line includes railway structures, houses and commercial buildings, bridges, amusement rides and terrain accessories in H0, N, TT and Z scales, as well as the Car System.
Since 1997 Faller also owns the Pola brand, which is now solely devoted to G scale structures.

Faller's older toys and models can be highly collectible today, together with their early product catalogues

See new 2022/23 catalog in PDF file here:

For many years, Fleischmann has been one of the good German Manufacturers of Model Trains. They produce HO and N gauge. Regarding their track, it is the best track you can find in the market for HO or N gauge DC operation. Turnouts are intelligent, so you can program them to control your model train depending on the direction the turnout is set without having to polarize them. Track is with roadbed, in a flat manner that it gives a real touch to your layout. Their Turntable, is the same used by Marklin. Two version exist: DC or AC. The round house, is one of the best kits to build on the market, better than Vollmer or Faller, however, it is designed to be used on their turntable, so be careful if you like to use this house under other track brands, as it will be hard for you to adjust the radius (Accepts Marklin track M, C or K and all Fleischmann Tracks) . It works with many model trains brands.
Over a quarter of a century ago Futaba started providing the most comprehensive radio control product selection and service possible to hobbyists. Futaba systems and products were quickly accepted and acclaimed by flyers, drivers and enthusiasts alike. Futaba's combination of advanced technology, high performance and reliability and excellent service earned a well-deserved reputation as the industry's finest. Innovations like PCM 1024, high tech manufacturing techniques and high output servo design have justifiably earned Futaba leadership status amongst our competitors. But for all the engineering and computers and electronic wizardry there is a critical element we feel is just as important. To provide the R/C hobbyist with the best possible equipment to enjoy their hobby we enlist the considerable talents of many top professionals in their individual fields of endeavor. Input by their team of consultants is absolutely invaluable in the design and refinement of their systems.
Great Planes
Great Planes distributes a large variety of Brands trough their Dealers Database. Micro Macro Mundo Inc. is praud to be one of the Great Planes Premier Platinum Dealers. If you need any items sold by Great Planes and can't find it in our shopping cart, then please e-mail us at with the item number and description. We will retunr the e-mail with our quotation.
HAG Leftovers
The Swiss Manufacturer of Model Train in HO for DC and AC. This Manufacturer only produces models of prototypes seen in Switzerland, including many small private road names. The quality is superb, also their prices, but if you want one of the best and more powerful units on the market, then this is the Brand to pick. The selection is very small, and lately they have focused in the production of series 460 with all kind of advertisement on them. It is a complicated Company numbering their items, so you must have caution when ordering. It seems that these guys, never had a Computer as they use the same number for different units. In the range of 280 (Class 460's) all the items have the same number on the box, but a very small label indicate what's the "name" of the locomotive. Same happens with cars.
Hasegawa has become a leader in scale plastic kits by producing highly detailed models that impress the most demanding hobbyists. Because of the accuracy found in such areas as cockpits, interiors, engines, weapon bays and aircraft wheel bays, many Hasegawa models are built by professionals for museum displays. Ultimately, Hasegawa understands that the reward in model building goes beyond successful assembly. For the enthusiast, each model represents an opportunity to explore history, learn more about the subject and create a scale miniature to enjoy for a lifetime..
High quality competitively priced RC Helicopters and accessories
Since the founding of Hitec we have strived to introduce new and innovative solutions into the industry. Our ideas have been like a breath of fresh air in an industry often criticized for being entrenched in old, outdated technology. Our products reflect our orientation as a forward thinking organization, and potential for our customers. Focusing on new product development has resulted in numerous patents worldwide, and enabled us to develop products to address our customers' needs. Although we are technology oriented, we never lose sight of our most important task: to provide timely and dependable service to our customers. Careful attention is paid to operating conditions and other requirements that affect our customer's needs. Hitec has become a leader in the Industry of Radio Control with many models and advanced features
HPI Racing
Another super busy year for HPI. The year fired off with a bang with the launch of the screaming Nitro RS4 3 18SS+ 1/10th scale nitro touring car kit, followed by the Ready-to-Run Nitro RS4 3 Evo+, both available with our line of realistic "Vintage" muscle car bodies. The popular Wheely King 4X4 launched in March, fearing true four wheel drive performance that made it an instant hit with the rock crawling crowd. Next up was the 1/10th scale Nitro RS4 MT 2 18+ four wheel drive stadium truck in kit form, packing the powerful 18SS engine and a host of go-fast upgrades. In May the "Toughest, Strongest, Fastest" Savage X 4.6 Ready-to-Run truck was released, featuring the incredible 4.6 Big Block engine for massive torque and blistering top speed, wrapped around an updated chassis that was designed to handle the increased power. The Sprint 2 Drift came out in June, quickly becoming the go-to platform for the electric drift scene, complete with scale replicas of Volk TE37 wheels and a choice of two "JDM" bodies. The Nitro RS4 MT 2 G3.0 was next on the list to receive a dose of extra power, making it one of the most powerful 1/10th scale Ready-to-Run trucks on the market. Swinging over to our entry level customers, we released the E10 Touring and E10 Drift electric cars in September, 1/10th scale electric cars that are available completely Ready-to-Run or "Assembled" with no electronics, both at prices that make getting into R/C easy on the wallet. Kit builders rejoiced with the release of the Baja 5B SS in September, a high performance "build-it-yourself" version of our class-leading 1/5th scale gas buggy, loaded with hop-up parts and a powerful new engine. September also saw the release of the E-Firestorm 1/10th scale 2WD electric truck, bringing the unbeatable toughness of our nitro Firestorm to the world of electric stadium trucks. And to cap off a very busy year, the Nitro RS4 3 Driftft was released just in time for the Holiday season. The Nitro RS4 3 Drift is a completely Ready-to-Run 1/10th scale touring car that adds the sound and fury of nitro engines to the drift scene.
IMEX Model Company Inc. has been in business for over 30 years. Starting off in a small warehouse in Deer Park NY, we were strictly a Hobby Distributor selling to the local area and surrounding states. Our 1st warehouse was only 2000 sq. ft. Today, IMEX Model Co. Inc. has grown into a major manufacturer of plastic figure kits, R/C tires and rims and many other varied hobby related items to add to our wholesale distribution business. Residing in Florida, we now have a newly expanded warehouse and manufacturing facility that is over 31,000 sq. ft.
Italeri Models
The finest plastic model Manufacturer in Italy, part of the Faller conglomerate, manufactures many plastic kits of Airplanes, Ships, Tanks and special kits such as the Leonardo Da Vinci collection. Italeri was founded in the early 60's with that enthusiasm which only youth’s unbridled passion creates. For Italeri’s two founders had loved airplanes and military vehicles from boyhood. But they were not satisfied with the models available at the time; they wanted something more, something better. Since what they wanted was nowhere to be found, they decided to produce it themselves. Painstakingly accurate research became their pastime; and that research provided the motivating force for producing models that modelers want, models with absolutely no imperfections. The company thus asserted itself—always increasing its range of products, always growing. And thanks to the imagination and talent of the founders and their colleagues, Italeri became a leader in modeling and in time established a place for itself on the international market. Historical Research Accurate research lies behind the design and production of each of our models. Before designing a model, Italeri puts painstaking effort into researching the details of its historical subject. Attention to every little detail—from information about a vehicle’s historical use to its paint schemes in various theatres of operation, from uniform colors and insignia to equipment and stowage—allows our customers to create models that accurately portray their subjects with the highest possible degree of historical realism. We want to transform a fun hobby into a cultural statement. A Large Catalog A large catalog with lots of models from which to choose allows you to make your collection unique. This is important for a company committed to promoting modeling all over the world. Our product range comprises many, many models; and because we’re always adding new products to it, our range constantly attracts new modelers to this limitless hobby. From 1/72 scale airplanes to large 1/35 scale ships—all tremendously accurate—the Italeri range puts no limits on your creativity. Our love for this hobby inspires us and provides a continuous stream of ideas to interest modelers.
KATO U.S.A. was established in 1986, with the first U.S. locomotive model (the GP38-2, in N-Scale) released in 1987. Since that time, KATO has come to be known as one of the leading manufacturers of precision railroad products for the modeling community. KATO's parent company, Sekisui Kinzoku Co., Ltd., is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to producing ready-to-run HO and N scale models that are universally hailed for their high level of detail, craftsmanship and operation, KATO also manufactures UNITRACK. UNITRACK is the finest rail & roadbed modular track system available to modelers today. With the track and roadbed integrated into a single piece, UNITRACK features a nickel-silver rail and a realistic-looking roadbed. Patented UNIJOINERS allow sections to be snapped together quickly and securely, time after time if necessary.

Kibri a Viessmann Company is one of the 3 best Manufacturers of Plastic Kits of buildings and structures for your Model Railroad Layout.

The company was created 1895 in under the name at that time Kindler and Briel and manufactured originally only metal toy. Other materials usually came from suppliers. Numerous play goods, primarily made of sheet metal, were produced among other things for pupating tubes and buyer shops as well as accessories for model railways.

With collecting tanks particularly estimated are relatively simple out of sheet metal designed, but by skillful figuration and color choice the very effective stations, signal towers, railroad overpasses and other for the model courses of the traces 1, 0 and 00 of the years 1930 to 1940 and 1949 to 1955.

After the Second World War metalworking was replaced slowly by the plastic injection moulding technology. Kibri became beside Faller one of the most important manufacturers of model course accessories.

1973 were stopped production by an arson attack on the factory, but 1975 were established to new building. The moreover one a production location in tuft hole in the Black Forest exists. Unfortunately also the Kibri Firmenarchiv was destroyed with the major fire of the parent plant. To that extent one is today dependent on old catalogs and collections, in order to after-draw the history of the company Kibri.

Kyosho is a company committed to Leisure. Kyosho’s aim is to improve and expand the quality of life of our customers with the development and creation of high class products to be enjoyed in their leisure time.

The top brand in the RC world today, KYOSHO is credited with producing the first RC car in Japan. Now in its 40th year, now is an appropriate time to chronicle the fascinating untold story of the "DASH 1" creation in this first part of a series on the history of Kyosho.

1971: The Kyosho DASH 1 is presented at an Aircraft Pageant at Harumi International Trade Center sponsored by Mitsuboshi Shoten. From the left: Mr. Hisashi Suzuki (Founding president of Kyosho), Mr. Harukuni Takahashi (Toyota - TMSC), Mr. Tachio Yonemura (Isuzu) and Mr. Yasushi Toshimori (Nissan Omori). Three professional racing drivers were invited to run the DASH 1.
What was the first Japanese RC car ever produced? It is now 40 years since Kyosho started business and it was in 1970 that Kyosho started selling the DASH 1. Lets take a look back in time to see the birth of the DASH 1, generally agreed by the industry to be the first RC car made in Japan.

Radio control (RC) spread through the model market from the about 1960, after the Tokyo Olympics. Still regarded as luxury items, most equipment and attention was focussed on model aircraft. Many people still dreamt if RC could be adapted to an engine powered car, but there were no manufacturers to develop this into reality.

There was one person took the action necessary to bring this dream to life. This was Kyosho's founder, Mr. Hisashi Suzuki (then President of Kyosho). According to Mr. Naohiko Otsuki (President of Automodel) the almost single-handed developer of the DASH 1, it was Mr. H. Suzuki who brought up the idea.

At that time, Mr. H. Suzuki was working in and out of the U.S. Army base in Tachikawa for the import and export of toys. Through the U.S. Army, he was able to acquire the latest engine powered models available. In 1969, conscription and the Vietnam war saw many soldiers in Japan with strong interests in RC models.

Now, as seen in the photograph, the four bare-chassis were sophisticated non-RC midget cars, and could not be considered as originally designed as RC cars. When Mr. H. Suzuki showed these four models to Mr. Otsuki with the proclamation "look what's out there now", it was the very beginning of something special.


About LGB People who like to be in wind and weather out there who love their garden, and still want to devote to their hobbies - the model - are fascinated by the Lehmann garden railway. This fascination is what drives us and part of a vision that we want to share with them. Tradition In the nearly 130-year history, the LGB has developed from a small family run toy factory in Brandenburg, a world renowned manufacturer of innovative metal toys. From 1968, the company dedicated the first Gro�bahn in size G, which resulted in the following years, the world's unparalleled growth. Since 2008, the LGB Marklin and heard is the world's best selling garden railway for indoors and outdoors. Quality To produce our model railways, which are designed for use indoors and out, we use the best materials and manufacturing techniques. While maintaining the highest international quality standards, we manufacture technically high-quality, robust products that are available worldwide for many years for the highest customer satisfaction and fun. Innovation Our LGB program - with over 600 high quality model railway products of size G - is constantly being expanded due to a high level of engineering expertise and a quality production. Our goal is to improve, thanks to suggestions and commitment of our loyal fans LGB our existing products and to deliver innovations which can be incorporated into their game world. LGB Experience The LGB model offers an experience for young and old. Here, friends can gather in the garden and pursue their hobbies, families can play together with their children. LGB can be wonderfully integrated into its real gardening. A truly interactive gaming experience - that is LGB.


Marklin, also known as Maerklin (Märklin) by German speaking people, is the oldest Manufacturer of Model Electric Trains in the World. On its product line, you will find a fine and large selection of electric trains, Locomotives and rolling stock in scales 1, Maxi, HO and Z gauge, the smallest in the world and with Digital accessories for all their products. Marklin also owns Trix and Minitrix, leaders in HO and N gauge respectively. Trix HO items can be used on any DC 2 rail layouts and can be mixed without problems with Brands such as Fleischmann, Brawa or Hag. Most of the Marklin AC HO items also are available under Trix (see our pages for Trix). Many of Marklin items become collectable items and we invite you to look at the special section we have for Collectables under Marklin Trains. Your model railroad is not complete if you do not have one of these magnificent items. Marklin trains is the largest European model Trains manufacturer in HO, 1 and Z gauges. Find here the complete Marklin (Maerklin) collection. A very large selection of products can be found in our web site, so please navigate to the links below. If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to e-mail us with your needs. We will do our best efforts to find what you need with our large list of related Marklin Dealers in Europe.

Merten Figures
Merten, a subsidiary of Preiser GmbH manufactures also high quality low price figures in HO. Please browse our large selection on Merten Figures.

Minitrix is a Marklin owned Company dedicated to manufacture the finest N gauge model trains in World. With over 70 years of experience, Minitrix has produced jewels not only under the Brand Trix or Minitrix but under Marklin and other well known Manufacturer's boxes in Germany. Some of the best well know products were the King Ludwig, the Wilhelm II set and the Adler set; all now very expensive collectors items that can be found either under the Marklin or Trix box. The detail and craftsmanship of these models can not be found in any other model of trains in the World. The people who works on these models are not just "workers" but "Artists". Selectrix is the Digital system proprietary of Trix Minitrix and now fully compatible with the DCC systems. Many of the locomotives of Minitrix are already equipped with digital decoders or are digital ready (plug and play) easily programmable under Selectrix or DCC formats. Micro Macro Mundo Inc. is proud to present this exquisite models in our product line. Micro Macro Mundo Inc. was the first Direct Importer for the American Market of Trix and Minitrix products from the Original Trix/Schuco Company now Marklin GmbH. and we will continue to carry these incredible models .!

Model Shipways
Model Shipways has been manufacturing wooden ship model kits in the US since 1946. Model Shipways kits are known for the use of high quality materials, precision cut parts and clearly written , highly detailed instructions and plans.

In 2011 NOCH celebrates its 100th anniversary. It certainly cannot be taken for granted that a company can celebrate its centenary.
In 1911 the company was founded as a plumber workshop in Saxony, it got over two World Wars in the last 100 years and also over the escape from the nationalization in the German Democratic Republic. During the last 75 years NOCH has manufactured items for model landscaping. In the beginning model railway items only were sold supplementarily, later the own manufacture has been started and slowly but continuously today's company has been developed. NOCH, being located in Wangen/Allg'u for 50 years now, is managed in the fourth generation by Dr. Rainer Noch and currently employs more than 80 persons.
In our company and product history of 100 years you can find many technical innovations and products having revolutionized the model landscaping. Best examples are the vacuum thermoforming layouts in 1961, the first electrostatically flocked grass mat in 1963, in 1983 the super realistic hard foam portals and since 2005 the Gras-Master supporting every modeller in creating a perfect greenery. Also in our jubilee year we venture again into the area of modern technology and innovative production methods: The new Laser-Cut+ buildings were a turning point in modern model building. It is not a surprise that such decisive innovations are developed by NOCH: Already in 1949 NOCH presented first model buildings made by hand.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much. Only your loyalty towards the NOCH brand enables us to celebrate our 100th anniversary. That is why we want to celebrate this event with you. We have prepared some special highlights for the jubilee year, amongst others our Open Day on 29 May 2011 in Wangen/Allg'u. Come and visit us!
We wish you a lot of fun with model landscaping also in future!

O.S. Engines
OS Motors The First Choice for Quality, Durability and Performance First to introduce a mass-produced 4-stroke engine, an innovator in every phase of R/C engine production, O.S. also retains a tradition of craftsmanship that pays off in durability and power. Each new engine is the product of over two years of testing and design—and more than two generations of R/C engine
OcCre (Ocio Creativo) is quality modeling.

At OcCre we design each of our models, with the same enthusiasm with which you carry out the assembly and assembly of the model. We take care of even the smallest detail, so that our kit models can offer a design that is faithful to reality. We manufacture in quality materials and we treat all cuts with precision. This makes the assembly result perfect. We use different materials to give the model more realism We guarantee that with our models in kit , enjoy your hobby to the ship modeling , model railway , modeling tram or vintage vehicle modeling .

Other Brands

Other vendors for Hobbies.

Pola the Faller 1 and G gauge Manufacturer of buildings and structures in Plastic for layouts.

The enterprise was created 1957 by refuge Pollak. The company headquarters became later located at Rothhausen/Franken shifts. That 49-years firm founder had an accident at that time with an aircraft crash at the 16.April 1985 Cell at the Ebersberg deadly crash. Subsequently, petrol Andreas Schrüfer made of Munich took over the company (now: Pola play and leisure article GmbH). The kit program went at 1 gauge. In February 1997 was sold to the company Brothers Faller GmbH, which took over however only the trademark laws and production plants, not properties, buildings and workers. 30 orkers were given up to dismiss at the location Rothhausen.

Since, Pola has based its production only in G gauge and some 1 Gauge.

Preiser Figures

Preiser, Preiser models, Preiser figures, Preiser figurines, Preiser accessories and Preiser vehicles, used in Train Layouts, Dioramas and by Architects in all sort of projects. PREISER is the German Manufacturer for figures in HO (1:87), N (1:160), Z (1:220) gauge, 1:35, 1:25 , 1:22.5 (G scale), and 1:32 (1 gauge). Also distributes MISTOLIN figures (1:25). These incredible items, hand painted, comes in a variety of designs and poses to cover a very wide range of needs on any project. There are no 2 items identical as they are hand painted. Some items, even when they have the same item number, may be painted in other colors, what makes easier to have the same motif with more figures in different colors painted.

In 1982, Pro-Line Racing established a new standard for RC Accessory Performance by designing and launching a line of tires and wheels for the emerging off-road market. In those days, Tamiya and Associated kits where leading the way and Pro-Line strategically focused product advancement in off-road tires and wheels. As a result, Pro-Line has achieved 11 IFMAR World Championships, hundreds of U.S. National & European Championships including thousands of regional events. In 1995, Pro-Line made another winning move by joining forces with PROTOform Race Bodies to expand the company's body range and develop it's clear competitive focus in the on-road market. Today, enthusiasts have come to know Pro-Line Racing for excellence in product development and proven RC performance in 1:8 Buggy/Truck, 1:10 Electric, Rock Crawling, Short Course, 1:5 Off Road and Nitro classes. You can trust that Pro-Line is racing to bring you the fastest RC Accessories in the world!
Fascinating model kits, exciting football games or trendy jewelry creations – Revell will fascinate and excite you. The Revell brand has developed very quickly into a synonym for plastic model kits. Every year, as many as 100 new products - models of the very latest or historical originals - “roll off the production line“ and delight model kit enthusiasts throughout the world. The position we have achieved today as global market leader has only been made possible with new ideas and products that were always combined with high standards of quality. This is a claim we also meet with our die cast and slot car models. The same principle applies here as well: quality down to the last detail. In 2006, we can look back on five decades of successful modeling history. Although plastic model kits are our core business, Revell today offers a whole range of brand products. MagCliks, for example, has quickly won the hearts of fashion-conscious girls. And with Kick-O-Mania, every football fan has his very own star close enough to touch. Only "live in the stadium" is more authentic. The latest proof of our innovative power is the new epics' figure program. An encounter with the mediaeval world of sagas and legends, and the world of fantasy.
Roco has always stood for the highest standards in scale, detail and advanced technology. Therefore it is no wonder that our products are popular collectibles with lasting value represent the avid model train lovers around the world joy and reliability provide for many years.
Over 40 years of experience, pioneering technologies, precision and highest quality reflect the full passion with which Roco has a versatile hobby prescribed model construction. Our realistic train miniatures in the gauges H0, and H0e TT at three European sites of highly qualified Employees made in the finest craftsmanship and before delivery widely reviewed.
And thus grow your model train collection ever and ever can be enlivened with unusual novelty items, is also the Roco development never stops. Our ambitious engineers put all their expertise to ensure to you regularly with innovative convincing models of the highest quality and value to. Quality knows just a name.
Best German Manufacturer of metal toys. We carry the line of vehicles in 1:87 scale (HO Scale) Milestones: The beginnings SCHUCO’s early history was associated with Heinrich Müller who as a 17-year old developed ideas for toys. He registered numerous patents. The name of SCHUCO was given to the toy company which had been founded nine years earlier in 1921 by Heinrich Schreyer from “Schreyer und Co“. It had been setting new trends from the beginning with mechanical tin toys, such as the most popular toy of the time (20 million sold), the “Pick Pick“. Establishing the legend The mid-30‘s saw toy cars which are still well-known today such as the radio, commando and tumble car which does not fall off the table, and the legendary Silver Arrow become best sellers. Worldwide reputation After the Second World War, Schuco toys were relaunched – initially these were produced solely for the American market. With the rebuilding of the factory in 1952, SCHUCO became the largest toy factory in Nuremberg with 800 employees. The sale of more than 100 million toys underpinned the impressive worldwide distribution. The downturn In the 60‘s and 70‘s, tin was superseded by die-cast metal and plastic and resulted in the bankruptcy of the former world brand in 1976. The new owner, the English company DCM, also had to file for bankruptcy in 1980. Many tools and moulds were dispersed throughout the world and some were even scrapped. The rebirth In 1980, the SCHUCO name was acquired by GAMA, a former competitor, which re-issued the Silver Arrow racing car from that time. In 1993, GAMA merged with TRIX, Schuco had its own management structure and the brand was revived. Three years later SCHUCO became independent again. Legendary and modern When the Mangold family, who owned the firm, withdrew from the toy industry, the brand was sold to the Sieber family in 1999. SCHUCO became a company within the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP, which is now one of the largest in the industry. In recent years new standards have been set in terms of detail and quality thanks to innovative and creative product policies and as a result our position in the collectors’ market has expanded. Ranges such as Edition 1/87, 1/32, 1/64 and Aviation have been relaunched with extremely successful results.
SCX Slot Cars
SCX Slot Car Racing is recognized worldwide as an award winning toy. SCX the Digital System was the winner of The Duracell European Toy Survey 2005. The SCX Digital System Slot Car Racing has been chosen by children, as their preferred toy. Indeed, the recent 2005 European Duracell Toy Survey showed SCX the digital system as the preferred toy for boys and girls alike from ages ranging 5-10 years old. Whether you choose the new SCX Digital System or the standard traditional 1:32 SCX Slot Car Race System, you can expect a top quality reliable toy, that offers a durable, rugged, flexible plastic track that will take the pounding, dropping and stepping-on by any kid from 5 to 75 years of age. SCX is a Spanish company and one of the innovators and pioneers in the slot car industry. With SCX's European roots, SCX has, for years, specialized in Rally cars, producing the widest selection of WRC replica slot cars, SCX Formula 1 slot cars and SCX Le Mans Endurance Slot Cars. Realizing the popularity of SCX in the USA, SCX has released a variety of American style slot cars including NASCAR Slot Cars, American Sports Cars, like the Chevrolet Corvette Slot Car and other American Muscle Slot Cars. SCX 1:32 RACING SYSTEM offers traditional (one car per lane) SCX slot car track (not compatible with SCX the Digital System), with the rugged and durable "snap together underneath" design that doesn't come apart when pulled and bumped. SCX slot car track has a rough road surface, so that the cars handle better under "extreme" racing conditions. New SCX Slot Cars Have Vastly Improved Performance! For serious slot car racers, the 1:32 SCX Slot Car Race System can be expanded to 8-lanes wide racing and using the SCX Pro Competition competition-ready cars, upgraded controllers, Super Power boost transformer power and accessories. SCX the Digital System provides Real overtaking by changing from/to any other lane, racing with up to six cars on a two-lane track, lap counting, constant race information, race leader display and more. The SCX Digital System allows you to decide the best racing strategy, control fuel consumption and plan the number of pit stops. Latest SCX digital system advancement is the new digital chronometer. With the SCX Digital System there is no need for messy tangling accessory wires as all accessories plug directly into the track section, virtually anywhere on the track.
When it comes right down to it, Tamiya's main goal is to offer the world the most rewarding modeling experience possible. Grasping the various parts, assembling, and finally painting a finely crafted model is truly a special and rare experience in today's modern world. Tamiya feels that this hands-on experience is invaluable. So whether it's our careful attention to quality, or our commitment to ease-of-assembly, we are always striving to create truly fulfilling ways to spend one's time. Since its start with educational wooden models in 1948, Tamiya has unswervingly striven to be "First in Quality Around the World". This refers not only to quality with respect to products, but also to our dedication to the hobby industry as a whole. From the planning, design, mold construction, molding, and packaging to the various forms of graphic design found on the packaging, assembly manuals, etc., Tamiya's in-house manufacturing process allows for attention to detail indispensable for the pursuit of hobby excellence The phrase "Tamiya Standard" has come to be used among modeling enthusiasts the world over to describe the high level of quality unique to Tamiya. In fact, Tamiya's scale models possess such intricate detail that they are often described by modeling connoisseurs as "museum items". This stalwart commitment to total quality has launched Tamiya to the forefront of the world's hobby industry, and continues to promise an exciting future In Radio Control, Tamiya has produced the highest quality models in Nitro or electric, scales range from 1/8 up to 1/24, including the World best Radio Control war Military Tanks and the incredible line of 1/14 Trucks and trailers as well as 1/8 and 1/10 on road and off road cars and trucks.
Testor molds and packages its own plastic model kits; formulates and packages a broad range of paints and adhesives; designs and manufactures airbrushes and accessories; and employs a well-trained sales staff for distribution of Testor products around the world. The Testor story expands, chapter by chapter, and the future is bright. Good, wholesome, educational leisure-time activities strengthen the fabric of our society and Testor is proud to be part of these efforts.
Traxxas defined Ready-To-Run (RTR) over 20 years ago as a fully assembled version of a high-quality, hobby-class, R/C kit. A Traxxas RTR is assembled by a staff of over 70 experienced, professional assemblers. Specially engineered tools and fixtures, along with exacting quality control ensure that the model is assembled correctly, right down to the exact torque specifications for the hardware. The radio system is tested and fully installed. The body on almost every model comes fully painted and trimmed. On nitro models, the engines are installed and the fuel mixtures are preset to factory break-in settings. Detailed operating instructions, a helpful DVD (in most models), exploded view diagrams, and our friendly customer service are all there to help you with questions, maintenance, and repair. A Traxxas RTR gets you driving quickly so that you're ready to have fun right away. Our customer service keeps you going down the road successfully time-after-time. So, what's left to do? On nitro models, some require gluing the tires to the rims, you'll need to install 12 "AA" alkaline batteries (some models do not require AA batteries due to a built-in RX Power Pack), and apply any additional decals to the body. You will also need a charged 7.2 volt battery pack for the EZ-Start® (some models include a TRX® Power Charger). On electric models, you will need 8 "AA" batteries, a fully charged 7.2 volt battery pack, and decals applied to the body (on some models). Batteries, chargers, and fuel are not included with Traxxas models. They need to be purchased separately from your hobby local shop.

Trix is a Marklin owned Company dedicated to manufacture the finest HO gauge model trains in World. With over 70 years of experience, Trix has produced jewels not only under the Brand Trix or Minitrix but under Marklin and other well known Manufacturer's boxes in Germany. Some of the best well know products were the King Ludwig, the Wilhelm II set and the Adler set; all now very expensive collectors items that can be found either under the Marklin or Trix box. The detail and craftsmanship of these models can not be found in any other model of trains in the World. The people who works on these models are not just "workers" but "Artists". Selectrix is the Digital system proprietary of Trix Minitrix and now fully compatible with the DCC systems. Many of the locomotives of Minitrix are already equipped with digital decoders or are digital ready (plug and play) easily programmable under Selectrix or DCC formats. Micro Macro Mundo Inc. is proud to present this exquisite models in our product line. Micro Macro Mundo Inc. was the first Direct Importer for the American Market of Trix and Minitrix products from the Original Trix/Schuco Company now Marklin GmbH. and we will continue to carry these incredible models.!

Producer of scale diecast model trucks in 1:87
Trumpeter is an other Faller Company.
Trumpeter company is located in beautiful, outstanding people, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, near Zhuhai, officially put into operation in 1995, covers an area of ​​about 2.1 million square meters.Mainly engaged in plastic mold, a static simulation model of the design, development and production.Has a strong R & D and production capacity, products are exported worldwide.My company currently employs about 800 people, of which more than 50 professional senior engineers, senior mold designer more than 30, more than 10 senior managers. At present, our company won the ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries Code of Business Conduct), C-TPAT, ISO9001: 2008 series certification, and the most advanced CAD / CAM design / processing software, using high-precision CNC machining centers, CNC scanner machine, EDM machine tool design and manufacturing, after 15 years of unremitting efforts, has grown into the world leader in the static model.I produced the plastic static simulation model, the model in the world each year Zhanping won several awards in both, domestic and foreign players to get the majority of models in the industry media alike.
Batteries and accessories for the RC World. Manufacturer of 1/5 motorcycles that no other Manufacturer has been able to even be close. Thie Batteries and chargers are second to none and we offer a comprehensive selection of NiMH and LiPo batteries and chargers/balancers. Helicopters from Venom have proven to be one of the best in the market and priced to go, with a very large selection of spare parts if needed and exellent Customer service for any particular need.
The Viessmann Story Founder Wieland Viessmann had the right vision. When searching for a market niche where he could start his own business, he chose model train accessories - his own experience as a kid contributed to his decision. But before he founded a company he became a toolmaker. After a couple of years of professional experience and another two years at a Technical College he passed his exam as mechanical engineer. From 1982 to 1987 he worked as designer for production equipment and was in charge of the warehouse and the logistics at Viessmann heating systems. This career was a good foundation for his next steps - and still today he leaves his office from time to time and is slipping back into the role as constructional engineer. 1987 That is when his success story began. A small shed in Reddighausen, a small suburb of Hatzfeld, and a few machines. 1988 Production started with 7 employees. The first HO-models were manufactured -the classic park lantern, curved post top lanterns and curved pole lanterns were introduced. 1989 the production capacity was expanded due to high demand. 1991 the first TT products came onto the market. It was a brave but successful attempt to enter this market since nobody had experience with TT gauge mainly used in the former German federal republic (DDR). 1992 Viessmann employed 27 people. 1993 a modern Viessmann production facility was opened in Hungary - long before the collapse of the Iron Curtain. 2000 a new Viessmann warehouse with over 300 square meters was opened in Hatzfeld while another production hall with over 1,500 square meters was opened in Hungary. 2004 the number of employees has increased to 220 people working at Viessmann Hatzfeld and in Viessmann Hungary. 2005 will see new facilities for seminars in Hatzfeld-Reddighausen. Users and dealers will then have the opportunity to learn everything about Viessmann products e.g. how to install tracks with catenary or how to operate digital systems. 2010 Viessmann buys KIBRI, the Plastic Manufacturer of buildings and moving cranes and vehicles.

Vollmer model railway accessories are produced for more than six decades in Germany and distributed internationally. Lots of model railway fans worldwide are preferring Vollmer kits, because Vollmer is producing exclusive and true scale models in a high level quality.

Like a lot of medium-sized companies the history of the Vollmer Company is neatly tied to the founder, Wolfram Vollmer.

He was born 1924. After School, an apprenticeship, a study as an optician and the individual planning of a young man � as so many others at that time - was interrupted by World War II.

As a soldier he was wounded and put into captivity. With his return back home, the Vollmer Company was founded with entrepreuneurial courage. The young enterprise produced just those things, which were needed the most at that time, e.g. metall collar buttons.

After the currency reform, everything changed, also the demand. Plasic collar buttons were requested and so the switch to plastic injection technology was the future orientation for Vollmer.

The Entr�e into model railway accessory business was made in 1948. One year later, on the Nuremberg Toy Fair Vollmer introduces a patented catenary system for model toy trians, H0 gauge. Shortly after that, the first model houses were produced.

Additional to that, industrial goods production began. Until today Vollmer is manufacturing high precision parts for all kind of industries.

The number of aricles, of personnel and sales are growing, soon new buildings are necessary.

The guidelines for all these years products of highest quality customer orientation esteem of employees environmental protection are still valid until this very day.

Timeline 1946 The company was found 1949 Visit of the first Toy Fair in Nuremberg, presentation of the patented catenary 1954 Production of Model Railway Accessories - 13 articles 1956 first IBM EDP machine; the first company building was built 1973 enlargement and new buildings were built 1980-1988 Market introduction of Patrizierhouses, romantic series, with interior decoration and lighting included; big city houses as well as the Vollmer Black Forest Hospital. 1992 Introduction of CAD/CAM in the contruction and mould making departments 1995 Third price at the county contest for women and familiy oriented companies 2000 Qualitiy Management is officially introduced: first certification after VDA 6.1; Millenium 2002 Introduction of the Euro 2004 Reorganisation of office organisation and EDP-System 2005 Presentation of Pope Benedikt XVI Birth Place 2006 First time in the Vollmer Company�s history, the 60th Company�s anniversary is celebrated with two open factory days 2008 Vollmer offers about 1000 aricles for model railway The number of aricles, of personnel and sales are growing. Soon new buildings are necessary.

Today the Vollmer company is a modern and future oriented company, which produces at Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen about 1000 articles.


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Walkera, founded in 1994, is located at the center of Pearl River Delta - Panyu District of Guangzhou and is made up of 1500 staff. Traditionally, Walkera is an established Chinese manufacturer of remote control hobby helicopters, but the company has expanded its business to UAVs by starting with MAV production, based on its successful remote-control hobby helicopter business. Most MAVs developed by Walkera are equipped with daytime color TV camera, but none of them are in the helicopter configuration of the usual Walkera remote control models. Most of the multirotors MAV were originally developed for commercial and consumer use, but have been deployed by Chinese military and law enforcement agencies as trainers for more advanced and costly UAVs deployed in longer missions. In 2011, Walkera made famous the first commercially available 6-axis microcopter, called the Ladybird. This number one seller soon caught the attention of various manufacturers and copies of the Ladybird followed. On June 3, 2014, Walkera opened its USA division to meet the demands on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). iUAS Inc was established and began distributing selective unmanned aircraft systems such as the QR X800, Tali H500 UAV USA Edition, QR X350 Pro UAV, VCT converters 5.8G image to WIFI, iLook+ 1080p FPV camera, Devo F12E FPV long-range radio transmitter. iUAS is also exploring the manufacturing of large scale models for cinematography, agriculture and security.
Walthers Proto2000
Walthers Trains, one of the largest Distributors in USA is the Owner of the high quality Proto-2000 products. We carry only the best from this Manufacturer.
Woodland Scenics

Made in the USA Woodland Scenics is committed to a business practice, which supports the economy of our local community. We manufacture the vast majority of our products at our Linn Creek, Missouri manufacturing plant, which also houses our product development, package and creative design, marketing, sales and customer service operations. Many of the products or parts of the products we manufacture overseas, come back home for packaging and shipping by Woodland Scenics employees. When you purchase Woodland Scenics Quality Brands, you support American manufacturing working in balance with a global economy to support American jobs.


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