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Micro Macro Mundo Inc.
14900 S.W. 136th Street #103
Miami Florida 33196

PH: 786-250-3108


Store Hours

11 to 6 Weekdays
10 to 3 Saturdays
Sundays CLOSED.


You accept these conditions by placing the order:

Micro Macro Mundo Inc

Read our new EU Privacy Terms

New Credit Card Payment rules from Credit Card Processors and paypal HAVE CHANGED, please read as you will be subject to these conditions below:

If you place an order and for any reason not our fault, such as cancellations, refusals, exchanges or any return authorized or not; or you place an order for non in stock items and pay by PayPal, the fees we paid to either any of our processors or PayPal, WILL NOT BE REFUNDED under any circumstance.

This apply to purchases of all types including on eBay, Amazon or any other venue we may have to sell our products.

Place your order carefully and check that what you order is what you want. If there is nothing wrong with our product and you just want to cancel the order, even when has not been shipped but has been charged to your credit card, you still WILL PAY the processing fees.

You have the right to ask for a proof of charges from our processor or PayPal.


PLEASE NOTE: Due heavy fraud and cancelations of credit cards for special items such as Club Items, One time runs, Special high value items and exclusive items, we may charge a 30% NON REFUNDABLE deposit to NEW FIRST TIME buyers of those products. Regular repeated verified Customers DO NOT have any charge until we ship. This rule is ONLY for new Customers to verify identity and assure stock at release date.

NOW Signature is REQUIRED on all shipments and INSURANCE is suggested to accept it:

For all North American States (48 Continental States, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico) being shipped by FedEx, UPS or USPS; SIGNATURE is required on all parcels. Due heavy loses by carriers leaving parcels unattended on front doors or with third parties, they will not cover any insured claim for lost parcels that do not bear the "Signature Required" marks. You are full responsible for any lost parcel that you may have ordered from us and you requested "NO SIGNATURE" and you expressly decline your rights to dispute charges on your Credit Card or PayPal if package is lost and you required NO SIGNATURE on our Order Form.

USPS, UPS and FedEx WILL NOT release any parcel that requires signature.
Note that USPS may keep the parcels at the Postal Office that serves your area up to 30 days if nobody is Home to sign the parcel before they return the parcel to us. FedEx will make 3 attempts to deliver the parcel before it is returned to us.
Extra shipping fees may apply if any of those carriers charges us for returning the parcel

Refusal of INSURANCE means you decline expressly to dispute any charge to any form of payment (credit card or PayPal) if for any reason the parcel is lost of damaged. You are 100% responsible for the value of the parcel and no claim can be made to carriers, credit cards, Banks, PayPal or to us. YOU EXPRESLY ACCEPT THESE TERMS FOR INSURANCE. We suggest you to accept insurance for peace of mind..

IF YOUR CHOICE IS PAYPAL PAYMENT: Please read and be aware of conditions if paid by PayPal.

PayPal payments REQUIRE signature regardless of value and will be sent ONLY to VERIFIED ADDRESSES, no choices. We will ship to the address that PayPal tell us is your VERIFIED address and no "Ship to" will be accepted if different than the Verified Address PayPal order us to ship.

If you pay using PayPal, NO BACKORDERS can be accepted, so we ask you please DO NOT order any item listed as "not in stock" or "not released yet". Order may be canceled and refunded by us and fees may be assessed for ordering items not in stock. If you need to order items not in stock or not released yet, we invite you to do so by using as payment form "Credit card Visa/Master/Discover/Amex".

Because PayPal charge us non refundable fees when accepting an order paid by PayPal, we can not refund those fees if the order is canceled, so be sure of your order and form of payment before you send the order in.

Please also note that we are unable to make changes on shipping charges so we can not select a better choice than what you see on your order at checkout time when paying by PayPal so you will be charged as seen on order.

SHIPPING CHARGES (non PayPal payments): Please note that shipping charges are an educated estimate only. We will adjust the shipping charges to the real value at shipping time when the final weight and size is known.

Small items that fit in Small Boxes from the USPS, will be sent using Priority Mail service at cost plus INSURANCE and SIGNATURE resulting in lower cost than seen on order form. Disregard shipping charges if fits in small box.  "if it fits, it ships".
Bulky boxes will pay by DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT and NOT by weight, so it might be adjusted to real cost at shipping time. Most of the other products are very close to real value as seen on the shopping cart.

If you need an exact quote on your shipping, please when you know what you want, just send us an e-mail to we will answer with the exact value to ship

Because the United States Postal Service for International Orders does charge by size dimensional weight, if it is inside the limits of 79 inches girth (or 108 to some Countries); but FedEx and other USA carriers do use dimensional weight, it is very hard to give an exact rate for shipment as we do not have a way to have 2 weights for one item.
International shipping will be charged at Postage Cost you can see on your box when you receive the parcel. We can't show on this shopping cart that value so again is just an estimated that will be adjusted.
Internationals orders get 2 charges, one for the cost of goods (that is what is declared on Customs forms) and the second the cost of shipping (not declared).

If in doubt, please e-mail and request rates.

Conditions of Sale

These are our Conditions of Sale. Please read them carefully. If you place an order with us using our shopping cart and Order Facilities, you are accepting these conditions:

Index: (click on index for answer). If your question or situation is not listed, please e-mail us at with it. We will be glad to clarify or answer it.

Back orders.
Back orders. for non released and New items
Cancellation of Orders
Cash Payments
Consent to Jurisdiction (Legal)
Credit Card Sales
Damages on Shipping
Disputes (Legal)
Duties, Import Taxes or VAT
Freight Charges
Freight Charges Overseas
Girth Measurement and formula
Handling Fees
Hurricanes in Florida
International Orders & Customers

Legal Stuff
Lipo Batteries warning
Minimum Order
Overseas Customers
PayPal payments
Postal Insurance
RC, Plastic Models, Starter Sets and any bulky items
Returns & Refusals
Shortages & Differences
Site Links (Legal)
Stock availability
Walk-in Sales


Due heavy increases on freight charges and cost of packing material, we are forced to establish a "MINIMUM ORDER VALUE":

For Domestic Customers Orders we may impose a minimum order of $ 15.00 in goods (before s&h).
For Overseas (International) Customers Orders minimum order is $ 50.00 in goods

(domestic means United States Continental 48 States.)

Orders under $ 15.00 may not be accepted. .

Minimum order does not apply for back orders. pending or spare parts that can be sent by Postal Service.

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RC, Plastic Models, Starter Sets and any bulky items:

SHIPPING CHARGES for RC, Plastic Models, Starter Sets and any bulky product:

Due the complex size and weight of these products, we can not offer a cost effective system in our shopping cart, as many products can have same price but their size or weight can be very different.

Most of the Ready to Run cars weight between 8 and 15 Lb. Trucks can weight up to 27 Lb. Tanks Radio Controlled weights between 20 Lb and 35 Lb. Airplanes pay per size and not per weight, so the dimensional weight can go as high as 50 Lb. for domestic service.

Helicopters as well as Yacht and boats are very large and some of them pay for OVERSIZE on UPS. Check also for maximum sizes allowed trough the Mail for overseas. Most Countries now have a maximum allowed size of 79 inches girth.

Static models can weight between 1 Lb up to 8 Lb.

The cost of shipping that appears on your Order Confirmation, will be adjusted to the real cost we must pay to the carrier used.

All sales are final no exception.

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Sales in the State of Florida, are subject to a 7% Sales Tax.
No taxes are added to any shipment overseas or out of the State of Florida.
Prices in our Databases, do not include Sales Tax. 
Products picked up in our Store in Miami, are ALL subject to 7% Sales Tax even if you live in other State or Country.
If you take with you the merchandise from our Store, you will be charged with Sales Tax. Is the law.

Tourists visiting Miami with a valid I-94 must pay sales taxes, as according with the Law, there is no exemption to anyone buying in Florida and taking with him the merchandise purchased.
If you are a Tourist with a valid I-94, you can claim a refund of the Sales Taxes by providing us with the Original Invoice of the Merchandise with a Stamp of the Customs Authority on your Country or any Legal Import Document that your Country might provide you. Refunds are given immediately as we receive those documents. Also a valid copy of AW from any Freight Forwarder or Courier in the U.S. showing merchandise has been sent outside the Country, will be enough for you to claim your refund. There is no exceptions to this rule.

Refunds are given by Credit to your Credit Card if you paid by Credit Card or by Company Check in US Dollars sent to the address you have given as billing address. There is NO refunds in Cash whatsoever.

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In the unlikely event that you find a shortage in your shipment or an item not ordered, please advise within 48 hours of receipt of parcel. Please have handy Order Number or Invoice number and product ID missing or different from what you ordered.

No claims will be accepted after 48 hours of receipt of parcel.

We maintain several steps during the preparation of one order to minimize the possibility of missing items or different items from what you ordered.

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We do accept Cash Payments in the Store as well, but some rules apply:

We DO NOT accept any US Bill that doesn't have the security metal band on it, even if it might be a good one or was given to you by a Bank. Only bills with the security metal band are accepted. (this metal band is a small fine band of metal inserted inside the paper and has written the value of the bill, for example a $ 100.00 bill says "USA 100" all over the band.)

We do not accept cash payments by Mail. If you send cash by Mail, we are not responsible for any lost mail or content. Please DO NOT send cash by Mail.

If you must pay more than US $ 10.000.00 in cash you are required to convert your cash into a cashier or money order in a Bank near by where you will be required to file a Form declaring the origin of such sum in cash. We do not make 2 invoices to avoid this rule. Any payment of US$ 10.000.00 or more is required by Law to be declared.

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We do not under-invoice any merchandise, sorry. We can not make any invoice showing a lower price than the real price charged to you.

For products being exported from the United States, we must fill an export declaration showing the Invoice number, real value, Country of Origin, quantity, weight, Harmonized Customs code and final destination, making illegal to declare false values.

We do not declare "merchandise" as "gift". Merchandise is fully declared and described as required by Law on the export forms.

Insurance is based on the value of goods shipped, so if this is not a real value declared, Insurance will not cover the goods if something happen to them.

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We do not ship to 3rd. parties any order from First time buyers to any other address than the billing address.

We will try to contact you in the event that your billing address is not the same as registered with your Credit Card Issuer or we will try to contact the Bank Issuer by phone to confirm your address (only for USA Addresses). Please note that not always we can contact the Banks nor they always answer or confirm addresses by phone. If we get a phone confirmation, we maintain a record of the phone number called and the person who responded at the Bank for Legal purposes. This will be sufficient enough to confirm shipping addresses and will be the final non disputable address where to ship if it matches with the address written on your order as "ship to".

Note: Any payment via Credit Card from overseas (Issued by any Bank from outside USA including Puerto Rico) will be assessed with a 4.9% surcharge. If you do not state your card is issued by any overseas Bank, we will charge you this 4.9% surcharge regardless of what you see on your order. The fact that the order may not reflect this 4.9% is because you have not said the credit card billing address is from overseas.

Starting January 1st 2021, Credit Card processors have increased their rates to levels that can not be supported by our very low margins. Debit cards have increased their fees per transaction and the percentage for the amount as well as all other Credit Cards where some are just not acceptable any more.

Rewards Cards (we are who pay for your rewards, not your credit card or your Bank), Business Cards, American Express all cards, International Cards; all pay a very high percentage of the sale plus transactions fees on top of other monthly fees and terminal expenses that can get up to a 6% on some cases. We reserve the right to decline any card that pays high percentage and will request from you to use any other card that you may have that is not from the category above described. Your help on this will help keep our prices low for, you.

Our preferred International Credit Card payment is MasterCard.

Micro Macro Mundo participate in special programs to prevent credit card fraud and identity theft in cooperation with the FBI and Interpol. We also are in compliance with strict norms that Credit Cards issuers have imposed lately and we use a 256 bit encryption to protect your data, the highest in the Industry.

If you pay by credit card, for your own protection, we verify your address. If this is your first time ordering via Credit Card, please provide the full number, expiration date, name as it appears on the credit car, the V-CODE (3 digits from the back of the card or 4 digits on the front of your Amex Card) and the billing address including work/home phone number.

V-Code is a new requirement of the Credit Card Issuers.
VISA, MasterCard  contain special numeric identifiers that help protect you from fraudulent use of your account. Since these numbers are never recorded on any retail receipt, Micro Macro Mundo uses them to ensure that the person submitting the order actually has physical custody of the credit/charge card.

The Signature Panel Number or V-Code for VISA and  MasterCard credit cards is found on the signature side of the card inside the signature block where the card owner signed his/her name. The last 3 numbers constitute the V-Code. For American Express Cards, it is a 4 digit number printed in the front of the card.

Our Shopping Cart is SECURE,  a copy of the certificate can be seen clicking on the seal at check-out time.

If this is your first order with us and you want to be shipped to any other address than the billing address, you must pass for a process of verification to establish beyond doubt that you are the Legal Owner of the Credit card. (Please read Credit Card Fraud), however, we can not ship under any circumstance first time buyers to third parties not registered with the Credit Card issuer (except regular Customers with signatures on file).

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OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS can only be shipped to their "billing addresses" if they pay by Credit Card and must provide in our order form the Bank Name and Phone to verify their address. If you can not do this or still want to be shipped somewhere else, you must pay ONLY via transfer by Western Union or Bank wire transfer. We can not accept credit cards from overseas any longer that are not being shipped to their Billing Addresses.

First time buyers from Overseas are required to fill in the Bank Name and Bank Phone Number for us to verify their identity and billing address. This information must be given only once when you buy for the first time, thereafter, it is not required until you change the Credit Card you have on file with us. If the card does not matches with the records on the Bank, then we will not ship and we will notify the Bank issuer of the Card of the attempt to use a card non authorized by his legal owner.

We rebut all attempts to charge-backs that are illegal, incorrect or fraudulent. Regardless of charge, we go all the way until mediation (will cost you $ 450.00 minimum to go to mediation) and thereafter, litigation, no matter the cost of it.

If you feel that something is wrong with a charge made by us to your Credit Card, please contact us immediately. We will look into the problem and we will fix it right away or will take the measures the case requires. All attempts to charge-backs that are not legal, correct or fraudulent will be charged a fee of $ 50.00 plus Attorney costs, if any, to reverse it.

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Any Order cancellation, refusal or return without a valid reason that is accepted by us will be subject to a 30% restocking fee (some exceptions listed below). Shipping and Handling fees are not refundable under any circumstance. An RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number will be issued and must be affixed to the parcel. Incomplete, opened or with missing parts or documents such as manuals and others, will not be accepted as returns and will be charged in full as well as parcels without RMA.

Shipping and handling as well as taxes if any are non refundable under any circumstance.

If the order is canceled by us unilaterally at any time and you were already charged, then it is no fees of any kind and the full amount charged is refunded (credited) to your credit card including any shipping & Handling.

Temporary charges from our side may exist in the event we are checking with a Bank to verify addresses or identity that may take longer time than one day. In the event the Bank does not answer or it does not matches the info on the order, we will cancel the charge and you will be notified by us of such cancellation and your order may be cancelled without any penalty of any type, however, if we get the answer of the Bank confirming identity or address, we will re-instate the order and proceed to ship, consequently, the order falls in "firm" and it is subject to restocking fees if returned or refused.

Pre-orders or Orders for non in stock regular items, can be cancelled without any penalty before merchandise arrives to our warehouses. After merchandise arrives and you are charged, then cancellation fees applies. We only charge you at shipping time. Some exceptions exist, see Back orders. for non released items

Opened or used items can not be returned. Every return must be in the original sealed package as received, free of damages and unopened or can not be returned under any circumstance.

PLEASE NOTE: We pay to Credit Card processors (the Company that gets the approval of the charge for your purchase) a commission for the total value of the charge.

Once an approval has been obtained, we only can "VOID" the transaction on the same day we made the charge before 5 P.M. EST without having to pay this commission. All other cancellations only can be processed as "refund" and are subject to commission.

If you cancel an order AFTER an approval has been obtained and this cancellation is not done the same day you placed the order before 5 P.M. EST., then you will be charged with a 5% penalty to cover the expenses the Credit Card processor will charge us for the approval.

Please Note: The use of credit cards by minors is NOT and excuse to cancel or refuse an order without penalty. It is the parents or guardians legal responsibility to control minors using credit cards belonging to their parents or guardians. The unauthorized use of credit cards by minors is reported as "credit card fraud". We strongly enforce this rule as the quantity of credit card use from Minors without authorization of parents, even stealing identity documents, is on the rise to the point we can't keep with it, so we must try to prevent this form of crime. ALL FEES WILL APPLY EVEN if we have not shipped yet.

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Some times Deposits are required to reserve a particular item, normally a 30% of the estimated final cost. These Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE  under any circumstance. They will be applied in full to the Invoice of the product reserved at shipping or release time. If the item has not been released yet, you may cancel your back order for it and apply the Deposit on any other item in Stock in our Store. The fact that a Deposit exists for a particular item in a given percentage is not reason to claim final price. Deposit are just a percentage of an ESTIMATED final price.

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Your information is kept confidential in our files. Inactive accounts for more than 24 month, are removed and no data is stored in our systems. Passwords used by you on our shopping cart can not be seen by us or anyone else but you.

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All orders when processed, will be given to carriers the next working day, so the change of status date on the order may be other than carriers shipping date.
The minimum package weight is 1 Lb. even if it is just a few Ounces.

We can not ship Internationally any box larger than 46 inches in one of its sides. If any side has more than 46 inches, can not be shipped by Mail.

Freight charges apply to all sales that are shipped out from our Store or Warehouse.
We ship via UPS or FedEx ground service to any Continental US location, or U.S. Priority Mail at our choice.
You may ask for FedEx 2 day air service or FedEx next day air service (extra charges apply).

Orders over $ 100.00 value are insured and cost added to the shipping cost.
Any other kind of FedEx service, will be invoiced at the cost that FedEx charges us, plus insurance. Please note that any Air Service, does not pay by weight but by volume/weight (dimensional weight).
To calculate the weight by volume, multiply the measurement of the box (LxWxH) and divide by 135. This will give you the chargeable weight of your box (in Lbs.).
If the actual weight is higher than the volume, then you will pay per weight instead.

The price shown in your shopping cart, is only a reference. Most of the cases, will be your total, however, special sized packages or air services, require application of special rates. You can check these rates either on or 

Please note the Specials shipping conditions for larger Products above

Overseas shipping see below "Overseas Customers":


OVERSEAS = Any Country outside the United States of North America.

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Minimum order to ship to an Overseas address must be $ 50.00 or more in products.

All orders to be shipped outside the United States of North America are called "OVERSEAS ORDERS". You may get 2 charges on these orders, one for the cost of goods ordered plus our handling and export documentation fees (if any) and the second charge, to pay for the postage (Stamps) to ship your parcel. Note that second charge can be made either by the United States Postal Service or by us if we pay postage in your behalf (this last is the most common scenario).

For overseas Customers, we normally ship via US Postal Service Insured, however, if a secure cheaper way is available, we take the most cost effective for you.
The cost to ship overseas depends on weight/volume and Insurance at Postal rates for the Country where we must ship plus handling fees (if any) (Handling for Postal Services include the requirement to go in person to the Post Office and make all the Customs, export and Insurance paperwork as required by your Country and ours and not necessarily seen on the postage affixed on the boxes.)

98% of the Countries allow a maximum box size of 79 inches girth; very few allow 108 inches girth.

Any amount shown for shipping in your confirmation order is NOT VALID. You will be charged after we actually post the parcel as described below.

Any model size 46 inches in length and above CAN NOT be shipped by Postal Service.

For Overseas Customers, normally you may get 2 charges, one with the value of goods to be shipped (what you have ordered in goods) and the second with the value of postage to be paid to the United States Postal Service. Please note that we pay in your behalf, so if after having paid for postage we can not charge your credit card for whatever reason, the parcel will not be released. Once postage has been affixed to the parcel it can not be used in any other parcel for any other person, so you must pay for it.

NOTE: Your Country may impose taxes or import duties. The times for delivery listed by the USPS ( search for International Shipments) is based from our Location (Miami U.S.A.) to your Country. Customs on your Country can take any time to clear Customs. It is your responsibility to pay and collect parcels if requested by your own authorities. The USPS is NOT responsible for delays on Customs nor is required to deliver at your door steps. Some Postal Authorities require you to go, pay and pick at the Postal Office where the goods have been sent by your own Customs. We have no control about how the parcel will be delivered to you (if you may go and pick-it up or delivered at your Home) as this is depending on many factors such us value, taxes to pay, contents, Country Laws, etc.

Canada is Overseas.

We do not ship under insured. All merchandise is declared at the Invoiced Value (see INVOICING) and insurance is requested for the total value.

All our exported products are declared for Customs purposes as "toys" or "models" under Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States under Section 9503.xx.xx as follows:
9503.00.00 Tricycles, scooters, pedal cars and similar wheeled toys; dolls’ carriages; dolls, other toys; reduced-scale (“scale”) models and similar recreational models, working or not; puzzles of all kinds; parts and accessories thereof
9503.10.00 Inflatable toy balls, balloons and punch-balls, of rubber
9503.80.00 Other

INDONESIA, ISRAEL, NIGERIA, PORTUGAL we only ship after receipt of payment via BANK WIRE TRANSFER or Western Union transfer. We do not accept credit cards to ship to these Countries. You must e-mail us asking for the total to transfer and the Bank instructions.

Please note: Some Islamic Countries may have restrictions to import "Toys or Human Figures". We are not responsible if your order is impounded by your Government. It is your own responsibility to know what are the Laws of your own Country. You will not be allowed to dispute any charge made if you lose your merchandise for this reason nor claim any insurance to the Postal Service.

Fraudulent orders from overseas are immediately reported to INTERPOL.

Bank Information: Sometimes we require for International First Time Orders only the name and the phone number that appears on the back of your credit card. This is information that is available to all Merchants trough Visa/Master so no harm will do to give this information. The reason why ask, is to match that information with the records on Visa/Master and sometimes to call the Bank and verify the "billing address" in an effort to prevent Credit Card Fraud from Overseas. This is NOT a way to get confidential data as again, using the 6 first digits of your credit card we can get who is the Bank Issuer but if you give it to us, you save us much time and expenses and what is most important, good faith. We ask for your cooperation in the fight for Credit Card Fraud and Identity theft from Overseas.

For your tranquility, you may ask information about us by clicking on the seals below-->

check our PCI compliance certificate to assure you have the maximum security available for your credit card data.
these will proof we are a Legal entity. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Duties, Import Taxes and VAT:
If you are placing an order from overseas, you may be imposed Import Duties by your Country Customs, Import Taxes or VAT (Valued Aggregated Taxes), Brokerage fees and other carrier fees.

It is your responsibility and up to you to know if you will be charged with any duties or taxes by calling your own Country Authorities or Postal Customs or the carrier selected to handle your shipment BEFORE placing the Order. Once an order has been shipped, you assume full responsibility for all these charges.

We ship FOB Miami our Warehouse, what this means, is that we only charge you with the cost of Freight from Miami Florida USA to your Country. These shipping fees DOES NOT include any tax, VAT, duties or any other charge associated with the shipment, consequently, if there are charges of this nature, you must pay them to your Authorities or some times, to the carrier who pays in your behalf.

If for any reason you refuse or fail to pay any of those fees and charges of the goods shipped, we have the undisputed and unalienable right to charge you with the value of those fees and charges plus $ 30.00 late fees for each month past counted from date on import to your Country and the right to take Legal actions against you if we can not make a charge to your credit card or you fail to pay us in any way you used to pay for your order. The property of the goods continues to be ours until all Customs, Taxes and fees have cleared. If merchandise must be returned to us for any reason, you are responsible for the transportation fees back and we will charge you for them.

There is no exception to this rule.

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PayPal payments:
We may accept PayPal payments, however, rules are more strict: We can ONLY ship to Verified addresses if paid with PayPal in the USA. All orders paid by PayPal are sent "Signature Required" regardless of value of order and to the addresses that the buyer has on PayPal as his Verified Address. If the order contains a "ship to" we will not accept that ship to and order will be shipped to the address given by PayPal.

For International Orders, many times there is no "Verified Address" available on PayPal. On those cases we reserve the right to accept or decline the order. If we decide to accept the Order, you will be subject to a Identity and Address verifications by means of requesting information that has to match with the address given on the order as "Billing Address". These may be by presenting copy of Picture-ID, Credit card statements, phone bills or any other utility bills or any documents where we can read the name and address of the buyer.

All PayPal payments pay Handling fees. These fees can be seen at check-out time before you pay. You may many times avoid those fees if you select any other mean of payment offered by us at check-out time

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Our Database shows our sale CASH price and any "Special Sale Price" if available. We reserve the right to change and terminate "Special Sales" at any time without any notice.

Price for phone orders or walk-ins may be other than the price seen on the Internet under "Special Price" or not have same Special Price. "Special" or discounted prices are ONLY for Internet orders. You may call in by phone to request information about a particular item but to get the Special Price, order must be placed in our web site.

Prices are in most of the cases accurate, however, due the immensity of records on our Database, it might contain errors. If we (or you) find an error, we will correct it immediately.

Even in the event that you have placed an order but the price shown was an error, we will correct the price on your order.

In those cases where errors can be based on quantities as result of content on boxes, the price remains by the item number and whatever the manufacturer includes on the box. It is frequent to make mistakes on items that are sold only per box that contain more than one unit inside.

We normally price these products per box of x quantity. If the manufacturer only includes 1 item per box, then the price per box is the same than one individual unit.

The most common examples are Marklin 7250, 7251 an 7252 (sold in one box of 10 units inside but sold as box of one unit containing 10 pieces; 7253 contains only 2 pieces inside but is sold as box of one unit containing 2 pieces inside.

The item Marklin 24951 is sold only in boxes that contain 2 units inside. In this case, it is sold only per boxes of 2 units and invoiced as 2 units even when you will receive 1 box containing 2 pieces inside.

Our recommendation is, that if in doubt or our description is not clear or might be in mistake or to good to be true, please ask before placing your order.

We reserve the right to correct prices where the content of the box does not equals the real content or the unit to be invoiced. Again, item number prevails over descriptions.

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Girth Measurements

Girth measurements definition:
Dimensions used in the airline industry (and the United States Postal Service) to compute size of the largest permissible shipment. Formula:
Length (the largest side measurement) + (2 x Width) + (2 x Height).

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We do not ship without insurance.
UPS/FedEx will add insurance fees after the first $ 50.00 for USPS Priority boxes and First $ 100.00 are automatically covered by FedEx.
US Postal service, has a table depending on location, so we charge the same that we are charged.
We do not ship overseas with UNDERINSURANCE. We declare the full value of the goods shipped.

PLEASE NOTE: If you decline Insurance on your parcel, you are 100% responsible for loses or damages to parcels and you decline, expressly, to dispute any charge to your credit card or PayPal for loses or damages when you selected NO INSUNCA ACCAPTED
.We offer insurance at our choice (Carrier or our own) and you must, at checkout, select your choice for insurance yes or not.

We recommend to take insurance. It is not too much to add to shipping but the peace of mind is well worth.

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We are not responsible for damages on shipping.
It is your responsibility, to make the claim to the carrier's driver of your package if you find that it has been damaged or lost by them.
DO NOT OPEN the box if you see that it is damaged.
You must make the claim with the box unopened right away to the UPS/FedEx driver (make him state the condition of the box in their recording device) or your will loose your insurance. Carriers do not accept claims on open boxes, so please, if it is obvious the damage, DO NOT OPEN the box.

For postal deliveries, please advise us immediately. USPS Insurance conditions below apply to all insured Mail Parcels.

Refusal of the box, does not always guarantees that you will not be liable for the payment of the goods inside it.

After a damaged box has been received, please notify us immediately to start the UPS/FedEx Insurance Inspection. UPS/FedEx will pick the box and inspect the damages to establish the value of it. See procedure HERE

Please note that damages to carton boxes, packing boxes or the Manufacturer box that have no impact on the product inside are not covered by any insurance. Only the product it self is covered, so if for any reason you receive a box that has bents, cracks or punctures caused on transit but merchandise inside is in good condition, UPS/FedEx will not honor any insurance.

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The postal service, does not work in the same way that UPS, Federal Express or DHL.
If a damage or lose occurs on a package sent via the US Postal Service, it is your own responsibility and not ours, to make the claim to your own Postal Service.
We will provide you with the copy of the receipts and documents needed for you to make the claim.
In some instances, we can help making the claim to our Postal Service, but be advised that it might take up to 6-9 months before an answer and payment can be reach from them.


For any other shipment, via DHL, FedEx, UPS or Courier, we must have from you the "Declaration of Damages" reported to the carrier at your location, sent to us to proceed to make the insurance claim for you.
As soon as the claim is paid, we will remit the amount of money collected from the Insurance, direct to you.

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Handling expenses:

We reserve the right to assess handling fees according with each order. Payments by PayPal will have always Handling fees.
Handling fees, if any, will show at checkout time before you include payment information.

Most USA orders do not have any Handling fee if paid with any other mean than PayPal.

Overseas may pay Handling fee for export documentation fee and personally post the parcels at the Postal Office for inspection, weight and postage assessment at the Postal Counter.

These fees are non refundable.

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If you use our Shopping Cart, there is a place for you to indicate "I DO ACCEPT BACKORDERS"
If you do accept back orders. , we will do our best to get your item even if it has been discontinued. If you modify to "NO BACKORDERS", then we will not take back orders., if it is not in stock, even when can be a regular item temporarily out of stock. If you mark both or no mark at all, will be taken as "back order yes".

Regular in stock items that fall on back order for insufficient quantity, can and will be placed "ON BACKORDER" with no price, so when item returns to stock, will reflect a new price if price has changed due exchange rates and will be shipped at the new price (lower or higher). If you do not agree with this condition, please DO NOT accept back orders.

Note that Back orders. will be charged with freight charges when shipped as we must pay to UPS/FedEx or USPS for each shipment we do.

New items NOT RELEASED that are placed on back order, can and will be adjusted to reflect our actual cost for movements on exchange rates. It can be either higher or lower, however, the price shown in our databases, is very close to the final cost.

Non released new items, even if you indicate "NO BACKORDERS",  will be placed in back order  It is an incongruence to mark "no back orders." for something that has not been made yet.

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We keep in back order all those orders placed for New Items not released yet from the Manufacturers.
We receive the orders in a daily basis, so we will ship in the same order that we have received the orders.
Sometimes, Manufacturers don't ship complete, so it might happen that you will be in queue waiting for an item that we have received but it was not enough to cover all the orders on file.
If you haven't received from us a "declined" (not accepted by us) order, then you will get the item, but when your turn arrives. If you were advised that your order was received under "no warranty of supply", then you are in a waiting list and we can not guarantee that you will get the item.
We'll do the best to get all the items that we have received orders for, but sometimes, it is not on our hands, what shortages the Manufacturer can make to us or the reasons for shortages.

Special orders and pre-orders can not be canceled for each year "new items".
One Time Runs, Exclusive Items and Limited items and all those items that each year are listed as "Special"  including Club cars and Club locomotives or any Club product, magazine products or Museum products can not be canceled.

Customers without purchases in the past 12 month and all those new Customers first time buyers from us will be charged a 30% NON REFUNDABLE deposit for their orders on New items, Club items and/or non released items. This deposit will be applied to final cost of items ordered at shipping time proportionally to the total order

(not all items are released at the same time so we apply the 30% deposit to each item shipped).

If you cancel pre-orders or refuse any shipment for any New item, Special Order, One Time Runs, Exclusives, Limited, Magazine, Special or Museum items,  you will be charged with a 45% of the sale price for cancellation fees if it has been already released or a 35% if has not been released yet. 

Cancellations of regular items not released yet must be requested by the Customer in written BEFORE the item is released and have a confirmation in written from us accepting the cancellation. A charge of 25% of the ordered price will be charged for cancellation fees.

Each year new items have a pre-order price in our database that expires on the last day of February of the year they are announced.

CLUB ITEMS CAN NOT BE CANCELLED AND WILL BE CHARGED IN FULL AT THE PRICE MARKLIN INDICATED. Please note that we take responsibility with Marklin on your Name and we must pay for those items you have ordered in advance. There is no refund or exchange of any type on these Club items.

PLEASE NOTE: You must have a valid credit card on file with us. It is your responsibility to keep the "expiration date" updated with us as well as any change on your credit card number.

If we can not get in contact with you due a declined or expired card, we have the right to use the product you have ordered for any other of our Customers without any penalty to us. We are not obligated to sell you other of the same item if it is no longer available when you give us a new number or new expiration date or fix the problem for the declined card nor keep the price you had on your pre order. You will get the price at the time of your new order, so do not forget to advise us of any change on your credit card.

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Sales are final. Warranties if needed are given by Manufacturer, please read:

Manufacturer's warranties apply on all our products (except radio control items that have limited warranties). Note that Warranty is given by the Manufacturer and NOT by us, as we have no control on what the Manufacturer does.

All our products carry a minimum limited warranty of 12 month by the Manufacturers with the exception of Radio Control items that have no warranty or very limited warranty, please ask if in doubt about what is covered by Manufacturer Warranty.

For TRAINS products: We will handle for you your warranty with the Manufacturer, however, if you prefer, you can save time and money sending to Marklin  any Marklin or Trix items for warranty. All others Brands must be sent to us directly. From here, we will send the item to the Manufacturer at our expenses.

Please note that neither the Manufacturer, Distributor nor Micro Macro Mundo will pay for shipping charges of the product being returned. We (Manufacturer, Distributor or Micro Macro Mundo) will pay for the shipping of products being sent to you after warranty service.

We do not guarantee items against misuse, abuse, or wrongly connections or operation on wrong power supplies nor any radio control item.
You must follow the indication on each product manual for proper use of the item.
Digital components have no warranty if they have not been installed by us. (decoders).
Excess/lack of lubrication is a way to void your warranty. Please read the pamphlet included with each locomotive on how and when to lubricate it. Oil does not mean "Olive Oil", it means Oil approved for use on these units. (Marklin 7149)

Items or units that show exchange of pieces, either some or all, that have not been granted by us (swapping units damaged for good ones with the intention to commit fraud) is a crime and will not be honored by any warranty and are subject to Legal prosecution to the maximum extent of the Law. 

Warranty claims for units damaged by Customer will not be refunded and all expenses to fix it will be charged to Customer.


Please note that exchanges or repairs are done by the Manufacturer of your item and NOT by us, so we do not exchange any item under any circumstance. We just facilitate your contact with the Manufacturer.

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All the pictures of products in our web site are COPYRIGHTED by the Manufacturer or by us and can not be copied in any way without the written consent of the owner of the picture or model. Each picture in our web site contain non noticeable dot marks to proof property and copying pictures from our site might be considered an infringement of the Copyrights and may be subject to prosecution by the Owner of it.

To prevent any problem, it is always a good idea to contact us BEFORE you upload anything to get authorization previous review from us of your pictures/videos/movies.

If you upload pictures, movies, videos or anything to our web site folders for videos or pictures, you assume full responsibility on the content of what you have up-loaded and you accept to release us from any damage or legal action against us due your file up-loaded to our server.

Our own pictures in our database show the products as close as possible, but in no event is a warranty of an exact color or detail due the fact that those pictures are copied (with permission) from databases of the Manufacturers or may be announcements (designs or drawings) that not necessarily show the final model as released. Some color variations are also possible due adjustments on light and color palette by computers, screen resolutions and color adjustments on cameras taking pictures or scanning products. We ONLY guarantee that the ITEM # will match with your order product Id.

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Our databases reflect all the items released till the date of publication of the database.
It is not intended as a stock availability or quantity available per item.
There might be some items on our databases not in stock. If one item is not in stock, then you will be placed on back order if you have marked "yes"  or not mark at all, in the back order field on your order form. If using the Shopping Cart, then you have a place during the Check-out to indicate if you like or not back orders.

The item number prevails over the description. Descriptions or pictures may not be accurate, so the only valid data for each item, is its item number. Please, if in doubt, ask for a more specific description. If we can, we will be glad to give a detailed description on the item you requested.

We do not guarantee colors. Color in pictures may be different from the item. Hand painted figures (Preiser, Merten, Faller or Vollmer figures) may have different colors even being the same item.

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Stock availability:
Stock availability is given as an indication only and can not be taken as an assurance of availability or quantity available (it might be just one unit sometimes). One item may be in stock at the time you place the order but not at the time we receive the order, as there may be other orders before yours that exhausted the stock or we may have an error on our database.

Stock availability does not shows either quantity in stock, just that we have it or not in quantity minimum of 1 unit. 

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We do not accept returns or refusals after a product has been shipped if you ordered it. All our sales are FINAL.

If one item is defective, it will be replaced or repaired under your warranty by the Manufacturer at his discretion.

Any authorized return must have an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) given by us (call us to ++1-305-279-8033 to request RMA) clearly marked on the label of the box sent to us.

Merchandise returned without an RMA will be refused. Refusals (unopened) of packages without a valid reason sent according with you Order, will be charged with 30% restocking fees. Shipping and handling expenses and taxes are not refundable under any circumstance whatsoever.

Opened or used packages can not be returned under any circumstance and are not allowed for restocking. Only repair or exchange for same item under the Manufacturer warranty if required. (note: warranty is trough Manufacturer, not us, however, we will do the job to contact the Manufacturer if needed to help you solve the problem or will tell you what you must do)

In the rare unlikely event that one kit has a missing part, we will get the part for you direct from the Manufacturer under your Warranty. Missing parts must be reported within 7 days of receipt of set. After 7 days, you will have to pay for the part as "spare part" at cost (no profit for us).

Because we had many experiences where unscrupulous people had ordered an item and have exchanged parts from this brand new item with old parts or damaged parts from an other item, many times not even purchased from us, arguing that the unit they just bought from us was defective or damaged to obtain warranty exchanges or even refunds, we had no choice other than for all items, at shipping time, are run tested and revised for any damage or failure. We do mark inside the locomotives with high frequency infrared ink (non visible other than with our own instruments) the main parts such as motors, electronics, decoders and major parts such as bodies, frames, etc.

Nitro Radio Control products are only eye inspected, not ran as we can not put any Nitro source on those items.

In the event that one items is returned to us, we inspect the unit to verify origin, check serials and invisible ink marks to see if any part has been exchanged fraudulently. If we find any fraudulent attempt to exchange one unit for a new one, we take legal actions against the person trying to commit fraud, as this is fraud under the Law y we notify immediately the authorities in your location of this fact.

We will not exchange one item for a different one under any circumstance.

If under warranty and damage was not caused by Customer and the Manufacturer finds that is beyond repair and we or the Manufacturer have/has no more stock to be replaced by a new one, then we may refund you whatever you have paid for it including shipping and handling, without having any responsibility or obligation to replace the item. You are responsible for the shipping back to us of the damaged unit.

THERE IS NO EXCHANGES or replacements for items received from you after 15 days even if they are damaged. Your only choice is to send back the item for repair. Please inspect promptly your order to avoid delays in replacement of faulty units.

If merchandise must be returned to us for any authorized reason, you are responsible for the transportation fees back and we will charge you for them.

Placing an order from our databases, indicates that you agree with our Term of Sales.
If you need more details on our terms, then please contact us via e-mail at

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Hurricanes and Merchandise paid by you held in our Store/Warehouse.

For those Customers that have or request to hold merchandise in our Store or Warehouse, you agree to decline any claim of any kind for loses of your merchandise resulting due strike of one Hurricane. We are located in Miami Florida and we are in a Hurricane path.

Insurance Companies are not covering damages for Hurricanes or the premiums are so high that we can not afford to have coverage for Hurricane, so it will be at your complete risk if your merchandise is lost in such event.

We will do whatever is necessary to ship out any merchandise in our custody if one Hurricane approaches Miami, but if we can not do it, it is all at your own risk.

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For Walk-in Store sales, prices might be higher than those shown in our web site.

If you ask why, have you ever ask why the person flying next to your sit on the same Airplane paid less than you on the same trip?

There are many reason why, but the main reason is time and personnel: We need time to attend you as you deserve at the time you come to the Store and personnel to help you that would be used in other business functions during that time.
Internet sales, can be covered at any time during our business hours without delaying any other business function whit less personnel and that's why, we can offer some times, better prices trough the Internet than in Store.

We can even prepare the packages to be shipped from Internet orders at night when we are closed, something we can not do when you visit us.

We have the same low retail price in the Store and on the web, but Special Offers some times are not valid, depending on items, for walk-in sales.

Items under $ 100.00 have no discounts at the Store whatsoever.

We reserve the right to change any price at any time, without notification, include or remove items or, in general, make any modification to our databases without previous notification, as well as make changes to our Conditions of Sale.

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Legal Stuff:


In the event of a dispute arising under or relating in any way to this Agreement or to our Online Service provided, you and we agree to resolve this dispute by looking to the terms of this Agreement. If there is a conflict between what one of our employees says or have said and the terms of this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement shall control.

 Site links

The Sites may contain links to other third party web sites. We are not responsible for, nor do we control, the content, products, or services provided by linked sites. We do not endorse or guarantee the products, information or recommendations provided by linked sites, and are not liable for any failure of products or services advertised on those sites. In addition, each third party site may provide less security than we do and have a privacy policy different than ours. Your access, use and reliance upon such content, products or services is at your own risk.

Consent to Jurisdiction and Forum Selection:

 The parties hereto agree that all disputes, actions or proceedings arising in connection with this Agreement shall be tried and litigated exclusively in the State and Federal courts located in the County of Dade, State of Florida. The aforementioned choice of venue is intended by the parties to be mandatory and not permissive in nature, thereby precluding the possibility of litigation between the parties with respect to or arising out of this Agreement in any jurisdiction other than that specified in this paragraph. Each party hereby waives any right it may have to assert the doctrine of forum non conveniens or similar doctrine or to object to venue with respect to any proceeding brought in accordance with this paragraph, and stipulates that the State and Federal courts located in the County of Dade, State of Florida shall have in persona jurisdiction and venue over each of them for the purpose of litigating any dispute, controversy, or proceeding arising out of or related to this Agreement. Each party hereby authorizes and accepts service of process sufficient for personal jurisdiction in any action against it as contemplated by this paragraph by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, to its address for the giving of notices as set forth in this Agreement. Any final judgment rendered against a party in any action or proceeding shall be conclusive as to the subject of such final judgment and may be enforced in other jurisdictions in any manner provided by law.

Copyrights and registered:

All content, names, designs, slogans and pictures are protected under Copyright Laws and names are registered. The names "rocousa", "", "The European Model Trains Headquarters", "micro macro mundo", "", "Miami Hobby Store" are names and slogans that are copyrighted and registered in the State of Florida. These names can not be used without the express consent of Micro Macro Mundo Inc. or its Legal Representatives.

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Due the immense increase on Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft we are facing these days, we are forced to take measures not only to protect our selves but to protect our own Customers against this problem.

Adults are FULLY responsible for the unauthorized use of their credit cards and identity documents by their Minors placing unauthorized orders. Fees apply.

All credit card sales are verified in our electronic terminals connected to Visa/MasterCard processors for correct Name, expiration date, V-code and billing address. The terminal returns a message with "EXACT MATCH" if all the fields match with those registered with your Bank issuer.

If we receive a “NO MATCH” from Visa/Master on your billing/shipping address, and this is your first order with us, we have to take some measures to verify nobody is using your credit card number stolen or fraudulently.

You must understand these measures are taken in your own protection and to save you from future problems if anyone has stolen your credit card or your credit card number and is trying to place an order with us fraudulently with your card.

Even when your Bank issuer has told you that you are only responsible for the first $ 50.00, this is not always true; in fact, it is not true at all.

What Credit Card issuers do not tell you is that Businesses have the right to prosecute any card holder until the maximum extent the Law allows for charge backs originated with credit cards that belong to a particular card holder. This does not mean in any way you are guilty or will have to pay the total amount, but it is a procedure taken to cover Businesses against heavy loses and be able to claim Insurance against Fraud.

It is up to the Cardholder to proof LEGALLY he/she has not used the Credit Card in question to purchase goods and services and reported fraudulently, he/she has lost or his/her card number has been stolen.

What the Bank issuer tells you is true from their side, they will make you responsible up to $ 50.00 but this does not mean you are not responsible for the charge if proven in Court you did it fraudulently.

Unfortunately, it will cost you money and time, as you will need to appear in Court and maybe, depending on the amount, even hire a Lawyer.

To avoid all these problems, WE VERIFY EACH CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION.


1. - They get your credit card number, expiration date and V-code from any Voucher you sign in Restaurants or other large Businesses, but mostly in Bars and Restaurants, where you give the card and the waitress or waiter takes it to print the voucher, but in reality, they write down the complete number, expiration date and V-code for use as soon as you depart.

2. - By copying the Credit Card with a hand device that in reality is a magnetic reader that copies all the information on the magnetic strip of the card and then, they pass this information to a fake blank card that is a perfect duplicate of your own.

3. - Buy stealing physically the card

5. - By stealing Mail from your Mail Box.

6. - By looking at your trash for copies of old Statements, Bank letters, Credit Card offers and even those “convenient” credit card checks you get on the mail never solicited by you and that by the way, IF ONE OF THOSE CHECKS ARE USED TO PAY A PURCHASE, you are in deep troubles as those checks are very hard to proof you did not signed with a fake signature and reported you never did the charge. DESTROY in confetti those checks you receive on the mail, those are the most dangerous of all.

7. - The thieves start right away to place orders via Internet of phone to places where they can get products easy to sell and where they know it will be not too much check out of the identity and validity of the order placed, or to small businesses that for lack of sales, take the risk of accepting any sale and they just ship. Normally these order are requested to be shipped NEXT DAY without any care on cost of freight and normally are for big value items and in quantities of more than one.

At Micro Macro Mundo Inc. there are many factors that raise the flag when an order might be fraudulent. For obvious reasons we can not explain what reasons are those, but we have cached in the last 10 years more than 600 credit card attempts to commit fraud, that have resulted in some convictions and many arrests.


1. - We do not ship to third parties or other addresses than the Billing address as it appears on the credit card statement to first time buyers.

2. - We must establish a relationship before we can ship to other address than billing addresses or you must have that address registered on your credit card as a valid "SHIP TO" address.

3.- If you need to be shipped to any other address than the billing address and this is your first time here, if you do not have it registered on your Bank and we can't get the confirmation, we may request some other means to proof identity and we reserve the right  to cancel your order and not ship.

4. - We may request you to verify your self by answering a question regarding the charges we have done on your credit card that only you and your Bank know. For example: We can do 2 charges for the total of your order with 2 different amounts that adds up to the total of it. You will need to call your Bank and ask them how much were those charges. The Bank will at that time, ask questions that only you know, such as the middle name of your Mother or your last 4 digits of your Social Security or your Password or the name of your Pet or whatever the Bank has agreed with you for identity verification.
No thieve knows this information and not even us can get this information, so only legal owners will get trough and get the answer to the question of the charges.

By answering how much were the charges, we can match those values with the charges we did and if it matches, then is no doubt you are who you say you are and we will ship immediately.

This is a system adopted each day by more and more Internet sites such as eBay, PayPal, and alike.

We ask you, if needed, to participate with us in this process of identification that ultimately will benefit you. This is a one time process and ONLY if your shipping address does not match against the address registered with your Credit Card issuer.

OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS can only be shipped to their "billing addresses" if they pay by Credit Card and must provide in our order form the Bank Name and Phone to verify their address. If you can not do this or still want to be shipped somewhere else, you must pay ONLY via transfer by Western Union or Bank wire transfer. We can not accept credit cards from overseas any longer that are not being shipped to their Billing Addresses.

We do not ship under any circumstance to Indonesia if paid by Credit Card. IP address is also verified.

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